other Testimonials

I went through ONE on ONE with GOD four years ago with a very, very wonderful Christian woman, and it touched my life tremendously.

It’s now time for me to use what I was taught in ONE on ONE with someone very special in my life. I’m so excited that I found your websiteŠ—”and even more excited to see that I could order the books online. Thank you for being such an awesome example for Jesus and helping others come to know Him and His Word more personally through this study. Thank you and God bless you!

M. N.

On a flight from Las Vegas to Reno, I met T.A. who introduced me to ONE on ONE with GOD.

I am currently in week five, and it is amazing that even though I have been taught some of these truths my whole life, the program puts things into a different light and has given me new perspectiveŠ—”especially in the areas of trusting God day by day to be in control of my life and knowing that He cares about everything that goes on in my life. Thanks!

Lisa G.

I purchased ONE on ONE with GOD from a used book store several weekends ago.

I haven’t been able to put it down since!


It has taken me sixty years to learn how to be intentional about listening to GodŠ—_.

I have been a Christ follower for most of my life and have been eager to hear from GodŠ—_. However, I did not realize there was an intentional way to receive a special word from Him each day. Recently a pastor friend guided me through ONE on ONE with GOD. For the first time I was exposed to a clear way of receiving a personal word from God daily, by reading His Word. As a result I have read through the entire Bible twice in the last two years. I have experienced the benefits of saturating my mind with God’s Word through reading, reviewing, focusing, meditating, and memorizing. This method of listening to God is too good to keep to myself!

Geoffrey H.

Ministry director