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I believe Mary and I went through ONE on ONE with GOD first in 1983, when I was in my third year of medical school.

I was able to go through it twice while we were members at Northwest Baptist in OKC. It was the first true discipleship training course I had been a part of since I had become a believer in the 8th grade. I remember that particularly the meditation and prayer sections and training really changed my prayer life and encouraged me to journal my daily reading in the Word. It gave me a consistent way to read the Bible systematically all the time. The other major principle that has been life changing for me from ONE on ONE was the recognition of the need to daily give up the control of my life to Him to be the Boss of my life. It became the principle that we used in our marriage to grow closer in our relationship with each other. ONE on ONE with GOD caused a 180 degree turn in my Christian walk because it gave me a prescription – the how to – for a close personal walk with God that I could build upon for the rest of my life. Also, the concept of making disciples challenged me and I felt that I had a tool that would allow me to have some place to start.

The statement from ONE on ONE with GOD that there are three things in this world that are eternal – God Himself, the Word of God and the souls of men continually rings in my mind. It challenges me to continue making disciples and leave the results to God.

We recently had the privilege of taking our three teenagers through ONE on ONE with GOD and watched it revolutionize their personal walks with God. Our nine-year-old daughter now asks to go through ONE on ONE with GOD so she can know God better! My thirteen-year-old son told me that he felt that his walk had grown stale with God since he was baptized at seven, but ONE on ONE with GOD brought back excitement and fire to his walk with God.

We have used ONE on ONE with GOD to disciple Christians since 1988, and have seen God use it to consistently change lives and at the same time personally enrich our own lives with Christ beyond measure.

Dr. Tom Ashburn


Mary Ashburn


Fourteen years ago in ONE on ONE with GOD, I learned how to allow Jesus to be Lord of my life.

Year after year as I have discipled others using ONE on ONE, the Lord has made my prayer life vibrant and challenged my love for others, my love for the lost (including my enemies), love for myself, and my love toward my spouse. It has taught me how to live a victorious Christian life by allowing the Holy Spirit to have control of my life and abiding in Jesus one day at a time. And it has given me a tool for fulfilling the “Great Commission.”

Cindy Ackerman

Homemaker, Medical Transcriptionist

It seems like just yesterday a bunch of us got on our knees in that cold, dark basement in Brunswick and prayed to commit the time to the Lord.

Our goal? To know Christ more deeply and intimately. That was July of 1988. It changed us. A lot of us “grew up in the Lord” that summer. Learning to ponder, picture, and pray Scripture made it come alive and helped me to hide God’s Word in my heart. ONE on ONE gave me the tools to develop a closer walk with Jesus. I have had the privilege of leading others through ONE on ONE over the years, and to see them grow is truly exciting. And that’s what it’s all about. Pass it on!

Tom Ackerman

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When I was fifteen years old, my ONE on ONE with GOD instructor challenged me with this: Do you think you (or anyone else) could do a better job of running your life than Jesus Christ?

The answer is obvious, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to give that control to anyone. Through ONE on ONE with GOD and reading God’s Word, I became convicted and convinced of this, and my perspective changed dramatically. Life is not about me; it’s about Him!

My wife and I have led several people through ONE on ONE with GOD. One couple had the privilege of leading their three daughters to the Lord while going through ONE on ONE with GOD themselves. It is exciting to see those we’ve discipled investing in God’s Word and prayer and faithfully serving God year after year. It is very humbling to think God might have somehow, in a very small way, used us to impact someone else’s life for eternity.

Tom Banks

IT Consultant

Becky Banks

Homemaker, Teacher

We had been Christians for many years and had taken several courses on evangelism, Christian growth, and discipleshipŠ—”with varying degrees of success and growth.

About ten years ago we took ONE on ONE with GOD for the first time. As we progressed through the first few weeks and as we meditated, visualized, and verbalized the scripture, principles, prayers, and other materials, we began to see a change in our approach and understanding of God and our position in Him. Over the fifteen weeks of the study, we learned how to develop these skills to where we could practice them daily in our quiet times and apply them in daily living.

We both took the course twice and found the second time even more valuable from the standpoint of reinforcement of the principles learned and the practicing of the art of meditation, visualization, and verbalization. It was amazing that as we learned and used the skills, we were much more in touch with God.

We have taught ONE on ONE several times, both in large groups (ten to fifteen) and small groups (one to three), in settings at church as a regular course of study and in the home as an informal Bible study. We have been blessed to see growth and deeper commitment develop in people’s lives through ONE on ONE. The materials are easy to follow and have a natural flow and progression, suitable for any setting and any level of Christian maturity. It is our prayer that every new Christian and mature Christian would have the opportunity to go through the course and be able to teach and use its powerful message as a way of life, especially in these trying days.

L.I. and E.I.

I went through ONE on ONE with GOD many years ago.

Even though I was already used to having a quiet time, the materials on the Principle of Displacement and on living by promises were so helpful to me.

Recently I went through ONE on ONE with GOD with my husband and children, which drew us closer to each other and opened up spiritual conversations. I would definitely recommend that others go through ONE on ONE and hope I am able to disciple someone with it in the future.



ONE on ONE with GOD drew our family together in Christ.

We had discussions that I don’t think we ever would have had without the study. I liked learning to meditate on Scripture and how important it is to do this. I feel I have grown closer to my family and to God —I understand Him better and realize better what God can and will do today. I would definitely recommend this study to others and hope I can use it to make disciples.


Student, age 17

I went through ONE on ONE with GOD with my family.

It has helped me uncover deeper facts in my quiet time. The most helpful thing I learned was how to meditate on Scripture. The study can help people know God more deeply and intimately!


Student, age 16

With just two more sessions to go in ONE on ONE with GOD, I wanted to share with you how God has used it in my 13-going-on 14-year-old daughter’s life.

At first she strongly protested wanting to go through it, but once we got through session two, there was an incredible change in her attitude. Her relationship with the Lord has deepened, and her relationship with me has changed. We are much closer, and she shares things with me now that she never did in the past. The rebellious and selfish attitude is Š—“progressively becomingŠ— a gentle and kind spirit. I recommend that anyone who has a teenage daughter and is concerned about that daughter’s closeness to the Lord and to her parents should start One and One and see firsthand Š—“the power outflowing from His resurrection.Š— Thank you, Marilyn and Jerry, for the gift of your ministry. Twenty years later it is still impacting our lives with God’s amazing grace.

Cindy A.

With just two more sessions to go in ONE on ONE with GOD, I want to share with you how God has used it in my 13-going-on-14-year-old daughter’s life.

First she strongly protested wanting to go through it, but once we go through Session Two, there was an incredible change in her attitude. Her relationship with the Lord has deepened. Her relationship with me has changedŠ—”we are much closer, and she shares things with me now that she never did in the past. The rebellious and selfish attitude is being replaced (Š—“progressively becomingŠ—) with a gentle and kind spirit. I would recommend to anyone who is concerned about a teenage daughter’s closeness to the Lord and to her parents to start ONE on ONE and see firsthand Š—“the power outflowing from His resurrection.Š— Thank you for the gift of your ministry. Twenty years later it is still impacting our lives with God’s amazing grace!

C. A.

My wife and I have been believers in the Lord Jesus Christ since the 1970s.

We have read, studied, and absorbed as much Bible study material as we possibly could. B. has a degree in education, and I am a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. We have both been very favorably impressed with the organization and content of ONE on ONE with GOD and have used it extensively in our own lives. It served me extremely well during a 30-month prison term.

Jerry and Marilyn Fine have taken all the things that Š—“clickedŠ— for them in their personal walks with the Lord, added years of experience in teaching and leading seminars, and bound them into a very practical, hands-on study course. My personal conviction is that every Christian would benefit from this course. I have been through the materials at least seven times in the past eight years, and each time it is different because it is based fully on God’s Word and meets you where you are at a given point in time. I have taught and studied ONE on ONE in a variety of circumstances, among a variety of people including youth, college students, fathers, mixed men and women, and incarcerated prisoners.

Not so coincidentally, chaplains at three prison institutions have adopted the course as central to their Bible study. Also, a black inner-city church picked up the materials and began to study ONE on ONE based upon the evidence of a changed life in one of its members, a man who had become acquainted with Jesus Christ at a ONE on ONE seminar he attended while in prison.


Construction manager

ONE on ONE with GOD taught me to have a quiet time.

I spend more time with God now after studying ONE on ONE with my family.

S. B.

Student, age 7

ONE on ONE with GOD was an interesting study for me and my family.

It made me have my quiet time and want to read the Bible more!

T. B.

Student, age 9

My family and I went ONE on ONE with GOD together.

It taught me the basics and gave me a good foundation. It helped me get in the habit of having a daily quiet time and understand that every verse can be used by God to speak to me.

J. B.

Student, age 12

Going through ONE on ONE with GOD challenged me to spend quality time with God every day.

I respect God more and talk to Him a lot more. The study makes you think about lots of things and helps you understand them.


Student, age 15

After I accepted Christ at the age of 21, I longed for someone to show me what to do-to disciple me-but no one really knew what to do.

They told me to read my Bible. I thought Bible studies were the answer, but none of the popular Bible studies taught me how to have a relationship with God-they taught me things about God.

ONE on ONE with GOD is you and God with no one in between. I discovered that God is my everything-Deliverer, Healer, Comforter, Strength, Redeemer and Encourager. I discovered it for myself as I came to Him daily through His Word. He was my Teacher. It breaks my heart to see that we have so much in the way of helps and resources when it comes to the Christian faith, and still we do not live the abundant life. How much more do we need? We have abandoned the Living Word for other ways to experience God! The other things are helps but we have allowed them to take the place of hearing from Him ONE on ONE with GOD!

Two years ago God gave me these verses – “Your wives, your children and your livestock may stay in the land that Moses gave you east of the Jordan, but all your fighting men, fully armed, must cross over ahead of your brothers. You are to help your brothers until the Lord gives them rest, as He has done for you, and until they too have taken possession of the land that the Lord your God is giving them” (Joshua 1:14-15). This is my passion — to disciple women — to help them take possession of the land that God has already given them in Christ Jesus.

Patty McCargar

Church Secretary

ONE on ONE with GOD has been the missing link for my Christian life, as it influences others.

I had nothing to offer those I had lead to Christ. All the Bible studies and Christian training I had were all about me. ONE on ONE with GOD gives me a complete tool to give both young and long-time Christians the ability to build a strong foundation of the lifestyle of knowing Christ on a day-to-day basis. Jesus Christ gives us the command to go and make disciples. ONE on ONE with GOD is a tool to do so. Week by week, disciples learn their responsibility to take part in the Great Commission to make disciples.

Very early in the course, disciples are praying for whom they will lead through ONE on ONE. Leading ONE on ONE with GOD is for everyone. With your willingness, prayer and the leader’s guide you have everything you need for God to use you to make disciples. Through ONE on ONE with GOD, the Lord will equip each person to reach those around them to become true disciples.

As a homemaker, my circle of influence has greatly diminished, but as a disciple maker, from my home, the Lord has made disciples through me from different denominations, circles of friends and careers, and has also greatly influenced my two preschoolers.

Through ONE on ONE with GOD, the Lord has given me one of my heart’s desires.

Kristn Punjabi

Homemaker, Friend

Hello, my name is Angel. Here is a short testimony of my experience before ONE on ONE with GOD and now.

I’ve always been one to accept spiritual challenges and this was a great opportunity. I also saw it as a good chance to become better acquainted with Dan. Previously, I was never consistent in my quiet times or studying the Bible. I would spend time with God about three or four times a week at best and for no set amount of time. When I joined the group, I didn’t come for fellowship or for a Bible study, but just the accountability of consistent daily personal worship of Jesus. It’s been a pleasure being with older men (I am 19 years old) and with a couple of friends my age, because our discussions and experiences are so diverse. That added greatly to the group. Recently I’ve been able to be in the presence of God almost every day. It is difficult to describe the impact because it is incorporated with several other facets of growth (church, fellowship, worship, witness, ministry). My walk with the Lord has grown exponentially within the past couple of months. I know that being in the Word has been a vital part of that growth. I recognize how it has allowed the Word to take hold in my heart like never before.

Angel Queipo

At the point that we were introduced to ONE on ONE with GOD, my wife and I were in desperate need of something refreshing, both in our lives and in our marriage.

While we knew better, we had ceased attending church during the first two years of our marriage. Consequently, our hearts had grown cold and hard towards each other and towards people. While it was rather easy to put a good face forward, we were lonely inside.

Change entered our lives while we were being led through ONE on ONE with GOD. During the course, the Lord began to really transform our hearts and our minds. The Lord wanted us to be a part of His plan to make disciples for His kingdom. Over the next few years, we found ourselves intersecting in a number of lives and showing them how to be true disciples of Christ. We have had the privilege of discipling many, including one of my college roommates and his spouse, and others whom we’ve come to know at our church.

The fall of 2000 brought a new avenue for reaching people. I had been invited to attend a men’s Bible study on the campus where I worked. During this time, I simply invited four medical students to consider joining my ONE on ONE with GOD group. Beginning in the new year of 2001, I immediately noticed the Lord’s transforming power that only He can do in a person’s heart. Each of these men had an eagerness to learn what God desires of His people, and this desire intensified over the course. Within a few sessions, it was exciting to see the Spirit of the Lord at work within these students as one by one, they were overcome with humbleness. During the fifteen weeks, God had captured their hearts and began to utilize them in advancing His kingdom. As one of these students moved away, he took several notebooks and used his summer to make disciples consisting of his family and old church friends. Another student recently took his wife through ONE on ONE, and yet another took a few notebooks to disciple people at a local church. I am always eager to hear of the situations and people in which the Lord is using them in ministry.


Research Assistant


Physician’s Assistant

ONE on ONE with GOD changed our lives!

God brought us to this study after many frustrating and unsuccessful attempts to establish a meaningful and productive daily quiet time. For us, ONE on ONE brought about a lifestyle of daily walking more intimately with Him and living by faith on the promises in His Word. This tool has also effectively equipped us to carry out the “Great Commission” by making disciples and leading others on a path toward a vibrant and fruitful relationship with God.


Government Attorney



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